GRIZZLY: I'll go down this way, and not an other one. Ain't no way I let a countdown decide that for me.


OCEAN: I don't get what is the point of all of that. You were still in it right? India Louvier is not the one to neglect.


G: Yo I work hard for that. Like right now, I'm far away from you for that. You know.. I don't really care unless I'm the number 1 spot.


O: Here it go again with the ego takeover... It's not a reason to act like it wasn't something great. When are you coming back?


G: In two days, I'll stop by. I really need my space to prepare this show. It has to be historical...


O: And I can't be around when you do that. I get it. 3 years together, still need to leave when something big is up.


G: Don't start. Yo by the way, I gotta stop by the studio.


O: Recording?


G: Yeah. The rehearsal is tomorrow. You home?


O: Yeah. You already asked.


G: I know. Just wanna make sure.


O: Okay, talk to you later, I don't wanna disrupt your brilliant creativity. Comme je te dérange...


G: Pleeeeease not now. You know better. Talk to you later.


O: Love you.


G: Yeah.